Washing instructions

Wash and care instructions

The Merino wool is from South Africa or South America, depending on the availability from NON-MULESED Merino sheep. All products are knitted with unspun Merino wool 23 Mic 64’s Merino. The products are created to be used as beautiful ornaments and exclusive interior textile for your home. The products can be used as something to cuddle with, but since the wool quality can be reduced I recommend that the products are used as an exclusive interior textile.



The products are knitted with much love and care in 100% Merino wool. One of the many beauties of wool is its self-cleaning property. That is why I recommend that you hang it out in the wind for a while, if it is not visibly dirty. Only cold water should be used if you need to wash the product. Let the product lay on a flat surface for a while before you squeeze the water out and then let it dry. Do not squeeze the water out by twisting the product, since the wool may lose its structure and texture. You can wash it in your washing machine as long as it has a wool program, maximum 30 degrees Celsius. Stretch it out and let dry on a flat surface.



All wool products gets pilling. It is formed when the yarn is rubbed or nudged. Yarn consists of fibers of a certain length. Pilling is formed when short, free, fibers can move around in the yarn and gets visible on the surface as small balls of fiber. How much pilling a product produces depends on how you use your product. Pilling is not a production error, since it is how the wool behaves. Should pilling occur, I recommend that you carefully cut the small ball of fibers away.